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“Don’t let the weatherman starve you to death!”

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The weather is changing, the rain and sun are competing for the main role in the forecast, and roofers all over the United States are gearing up for the season! Unfortunately for roofing contractors, the amount of work they can accomplish is strictly dependent on the weather.

In the state of Washington it rains 152 days out of the year, according to The Weather Channel. That is 42% of the year where contractors cannot conduct regular roofing business due to rain. Another example of extreme weather is in Arizona; The average temperature from April to October (7 months) is 93 degrees! With an average of 100+ degrees from June to September. In addition, with the sun beating down on the roof, the temperature real feel is 30+ degrees hotter on top of the roof! At these extreme temperatures, it can be very difficult to work safely and efficiently.

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